Labor safety supervisor


Gender: Not required

Job description:

  • Make schedule guiding risk analysis for technical supervison in each category of construction items
  • Develop and propose suggestions to improve plans, solutions which are properly at the scene of the incident, emergency cases about labor safety and hygiene – firefigting and fire prevention – environment sanitation
  • Manage and implement trainining about labor safety and hygience. Make periodic reports about labor safety and hygience situation at site you work to Board of Directors, Safety Board, Site Steering Committee
  • Apply a Safety Management and Occupational Health system which are suitable for site
  • Coordinate and support the Executive Board about managing legally safety documents at site.
  • Implement processes, guidelines and forms applied at site to teams / groups and subcontractors.
  • Participate in training teams, new workers at the beginning and periodically
  • Do training topics about labor safety and hygiene – firefigting and fire prevention – environment sanitation as Safety Board approved
  • Participate in meeting with Investors, Supervision Consultants, Site Steering Committee.
  • Check issues about Safety – Occupational Health with Investors and Supervision Consultants.
  • Assign duties for public security department properly
  • Operate control processes about people and assets tightly

Job requirements:

  • Male, graduated from Full-time Universities / Colleges in major of labor protection / Environment;
  • There are 02 years of experience or more in operation, management, construction safety supervision or new graduated students with good certificate or above.
  • Have good understanding of OHSAS system about labor safety. Have ability to set up, manage and operate safety system at the construction site;
  • Be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint;
  • Candidates who have the ability to communicate well in English, Vietnamese are preferred;
  • Be careful, honest, work responsibly;
  • Can work under high pressure.
  • Willing to travel.

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