Safety Policy

Safety Culture: Core of the system

With many years of experience in construction industry, labor safety is always put at top priority in the operation criteria of BCons. We share experiences and create a safety culture for our staff at both construction sites and head office.

HSE officers and safety executives working at BCons are not only strong at professional skills but also highly flexible in practical situations. They are also the main resource ensuring the safety regulations is always respected and completely deployed on site.

BCons is currently applying the OHSAS 18001:2007 for occupational health and safety management system of company. From the beginning to end of any projects, besides the Safety Management Dept. working directly on site, our internal audit committee also gets involved by organizing frequent training courses, communicating and reviewing all safety conditions in order to reduce risks during the construction process.

Training and Implementation

Following the direction suggested by the Board of Manager at the early months of every year, Board of Safety has organized several training programs annually in order to improve knowledge and skills for safety officers, engineers and workers on the site.

The training program for HSE employees and Safety officers includes ‘Group 2’ Training through Circular No.27/2013 – of Ministry of labour – Invalids and social affairs. In addition, Fire Protection system, First Aid, etc. are also the subject in each training program.

The training curriculum for site workers includes the contents of training and issuing certification for site staffs under Circular No. 27/2013- of Ministry of labour – Invalids and social affairs Periodic training (Group 3 and Group 4) and daily toolbox meeting before the beginning of work.